The world is your unlimited horizon for business and leisure! Why not pamper yourself with hassle-free private flights by acquiring an aircraft and setting your own schedule?

Acquiring an aircraft could be simple as tossing a key to Sino Jet, your trustworthy aircraft acquisition expert. With our nurtured connections with aircraft owners, the global aviation partners and our up-to-date market analysis, we can guide you the type of aircraft to best fit your needs. No matter your choice would be brand-new or pre-owned aircraft, we will save your time, money and guarantee complete transparency. Sino Jet will represent your best interests on every aspect of documentation with our licensed legal advisor specialized in aviation. Our advices are absolutely neutral and customised to your ideas.

What we can do for you:

Just leave the details to us. We will get your shopping done as a mission so that you can welcome your new home in the air in a promising timeframe.

Can't wait to acquire your jet? Contact us by email at, or call us at +852 2588 7000 or click here to find your stunning home in the air.

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