Your experience is the center of Sino Jet services. Sino Jet offers a wide array of superb services and solutions. Your needs, your business and your enjoyment will all be anticipated.

Aircraft Acquisition

We will guide you in owning the most appropriate aircraft.

Financing Solutions

We have a world of financing options which can be customised to fit your financial needs.

Aircraft Management

We manage your asset as if it were our own, keeping your aircraft in top conditions at all times.

VIP Charte

To experience personalized flying, simply make a call to Sino Jet and we will fly you to anywhere, anytime.

Flight Dispatch & Support

We will manage every detail for you and will always be accessible to ensure your safety.

Aviation Consultation

We know the industry well. We will listen to you and give you appropriate advice.

Aircraft Delivery, Refurbishment &

We are happy to style your aircraft and bring it home to you.  Just be ready to receive your
stunning aircraft.

Crew Training & Placement

We hire, supervise and train your private crew.

Travel Concierge Services

We will arrange everything for you—limousine, penthouse, concert tickets, favourite food etc.
Just go and enjoy.

Aircraft-on-ground ("AOG") Engineering Support

If your aircraft is unserviceable somewhere, we will provide immediate global support to keep your aircraft in service.

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